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Using IF ELSE condition in Django template

The generic syntax of IF ELSE condition is as below:

if condition:
    do this
    do that

Python syntax is almost the same as the pseudo-code written above. 

if 2 > 1:
print('condition is true')
print('condition is false')

IF ELSE syntax for the Django template is slightly different. If is the builtin tag in Django templates. The basic syntax is:

{% if is_user_logged_in %}
<div>Hello {{username}}</div>
{% else %}
{% endif %}

IF tag evaluates the variable and variable is considered True if it exists and is not empty (if that variable is any iterable) and is not a False boolean value. Which means we can use a boolean variable, a list or a set with IF tag.

For example:

mylist = []
if mylist:

will print false.

We can use multiple elif with IF tag.

{% if user_type == "admin" %}
<div>Welcome {{user}}</div>
{% elif user_type == "developer" %}
<div>Hello {{user}}</div>
{% elif user_type == "QA" %}
<div>Hi {{user}}</div>
{% else %}
<div>Greetings {{user}}</div>
{% endif %}

Any combination of and, or and not can be used. and is given a higher priority than or.

{% if condition_1 and condition_2 or condition_3 %}

in operator can be used as below.

{% if user in vip_user_list %}

Filters can also be used in IF condition.

{% if message|length > 100 %}
    <a href="">View More</a>
{% else %}
    {{ message }}
{% endif %}

templates   1   47247
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It Is Not My Name Feb. 4, 2020, 10:33 a.m.
how to use {% if "text" =="text" %} condiciton in django

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