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Django Template Fiddle Launched !!!!

Hello Python Enthusiasts,

This is not an article. We just want to inform you that we have launched our new platform where you can experiment, play or fiddle with Django Templates.

Presenting to you -

Type your HTML with DTL syntax in it and then on the right side type the JSON data and hit the compile button. In the textarea below you will get the compiled template. 

For example, you can see how for loop works in Django template here:

Here is an example of generating random text in the Django template:

You can log in using Github or Google account, which is totally safe, and then can save your fiddle to be shared among your friends. You can save the fiddle without login as well but there are two major benefits for logged in user. They can delete their fiddles and they can see all their fiddles at one place.

Please visit the platform once, look around, play with it and if there is any feedback, I would love to hear it.

django templates   0   7949
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