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Python Script 4: Opening top 10 Google search result in one hit

This is the fourth script in 'Python Scripts' series.

You can have a look at previous scripts by following the links given below.

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As the title suggests, this script is used to open the top 10 Google search results in different tabs for the provided keyword.


Author: Anurag Rana
Usage: python <keyword>
Description: Script googles the keyword and opens top 10(max) search results in separate tabs in the browser
Usage: python keyword
Tested with Python3

import webbrowser
import sys
import pyperclip
import requests
import bs4

def start():
	if len(sys.argv) > 1:
		keyword = ' '.join(sys.argv[1:])
		# if no keyword is entered, the script would 
		# search for the keyword copied in the clipboard
		keyword = pyperclip.paste()

	res = requests.get(''+keyword)
	soup = bs4.BeautifulSoup(res.text,'lxml')
	links ='.r a')
	tab_counts = min(10, len(links))

	for i in range(tab_counts):'' + links[i].get('href'))


I am using this same concept at my work. Every day I have to open 8 applications (slack, JIRA, Gitlab, Facebook, StackOverflow, Jenkins UI, Outlook and Personal Email) in my browser. So instead of opening each application one by one, I just run the script and all these applications are opened in different tabs saving a few seconds.

script   3   9282

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3 thoughts on 'Python Script 4: Opening Top 10 Google Search Result In One Hit'
Ranjan :
after executing the program,i am getting no output.NO pages are being loaded.

Jay Soni :
It's not work for me, i don't know why..because i don't get any error and any output but one thing i noticed here was if i write'a') instead of'.r a') it'll work but not properly, it means it only open tabs but they all are google tabs means google web,image,video,news etc but it can't open separate links in tabs.. here i try my best and i still do my best on this but it can't fix can you please help me?

Chris :
I also am experiencing the exact same problem as Jay Soni. Please advise.

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