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How to reset Django superuser password

It is quite easy to forget the superuser password of your Django application if the Admin part is not used frequently. We can always create a new superuser but that would not be a good idea from the security perspective.

We can always reset the superuser password of the Django application.

Method 1:

Go to the working directory of your project and run below command.

python changepassword <username>

This will prompt for new password and then will ask the password again.

(pythoncircle) rana@brahma:pythoncircle$ python changepassword superuseradmin
Changing password for user 'superuseradmin'
Password (again):
Password changed successfully for user 'superuseradmin'

If you do not provide any username, it will try to change the password which matches the current system user. For example, my current user of the system is "rana", hence running the password change command without the password it shows below error.

(pythoncircle) rana@brahma:pythoncircle$ python changepassword
CommandError: user 'rana' does not exist

Method 2:

If you are able to login to the admin site using some other super admin credentials, you can change the password from there as well. On the user details page, click on the link with the text "this form" given below password hash details.

superuser password change django

Clicking the link will open another page where you can change the password.

superuser password change django

Method 3:

The password of a user can be reset using the command:

django-admin changepassword <username>

But this command will work only if Django's authentication system is installed. Read about this command in detail here.

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django password   0   16845

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