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AWS EC2 Vs PythonAnyWhere for hosting Django application

We have hosted Django applications on AWS EC2 as well as on PythonAnyWhere. Here is a brief comparison of both.


Offers pay-as-you-go compute capacity
This is a small service that provides resizable compute capacity
Free for 12 months (750 hours of CPU usage)
Can use a custom domain in free tier plan (Extra charges may apply)
SSH access available
- Browser-based SSH connection available
- The developer needs to set up everything from scratch. Intermediate level of expertise required
- Root level access available
- Can install and use whatever tool/software is required
- Highly scalable
- The developer needs to manage the webserver
- Pricing
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Hosting the Django app on EC2

- Offers fixed price shared hosting starting with $5 per month
- Small Paas (platform as a service) provider which supports only Python web apps
- Always free plan available. 100 CPU seconds per day. 512 MB space
- Can not use a custom domain. The app will be hosted on
- SSH access available
- Browser-based terminals available
- The application setup is extremely easy.
- Root level access not available
- Apart from web hosting, Only MySQL, Postgres and schedule tasks support is provided
- Good for small to medium traffic apps
- The developer needs to take care of code
- Pricing
Create a free account
Hosting the Django app on PythonAnyWhere

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